About Th Brunius

The History of Th Brunius & Co AB

A family company with a story that goes back one hundred years.

The history of the Brunius family goes back over the centuries. The family is characterized by a range of personalities, all persons with strong entrepreneurial spirits. Th Brunius & Co AB, was founded 1912 in Gothenburg by Thorsten Brunius but this was not Thorsten’s first business. It started already in the beginning of the 20th Century.


1901 Thorsten Brunius and his business partner Lindelöv formed the company called “Lindelöv & Brunius”. The company operated primarily with Brunius Paper and Lindelövs Textile.
1906 Lindelöv & Brunius bought a sulphite mill, Nyboholm, in the County of Jönköping. Thorsten became Managing Director.
1912 Thorsten Brunius launched a paper trading company in the heart of Gothenburg. Th Brunius & Co AB was born.
1914-1918 During the First World War the mill was temporarily inactive due to an embargo on the only two export markets, England and Scotland.
1936 A Saw Mill was constructed next to the Nyboholm Paper Mill.
1937 Thorsten passed away and both his sons Gomer & Sverker continued to run the business, Gomer as Managing Director.
1940-1943 The Mill was inactive during 1940-1943 due to World War II
1944 A new paper machine PM2, 82 inches wide, constructed by Töckfors, in the county of Värmland, was moved to Nyboholm.
1951 Installation of the new paper machine, PM3 was made, 110 inches wide. The production of cellulose wadding used in diapers production, branded “Vita Lamm,” started.
1966 Klippans fine paper mill bought the Paper Mill Nyboholm.
1972 Th Brunius ownership structure changed. Gomer Brunius continued with Forestry and Agricultural business and Carl Brunius became the new sole owner of Th Brunius & Co AB. The company growed and developed to become a pure trading company. Th Brunius invested in many companies in the paper industry for example, SCAPPEX and Nils Hallgren AB
2006 Paul Brunius, was appointed as CEO of Th Brunius & Co AB.
2018 Th Brunius acquired Scandos overseas trading section.


FSCTh. Brunius & Co AB is FSC®-Certified (FSC®C123634)

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Read more at fsc.org




Th. Brunius & Co AB is PEFC-Certified (PEFC/05-37-295)

PEFC Chain of Custody certification tracks forest-based products from sustainable sources to the final product. Read more at pefc.org




Social Responsibility

TH Brunius is proud supporter of the following organizations.

BRIS Supporter 2023

Bris – Children’s Rights in Society


SOS Barnbyar

SOS Children’s Villages Sweden


Faktum is southern Sweden’s street paper sold by homeless and people in social exclusion.