Code of Conduct

Business ethics

We recognize that trade is important for economic, social and environmental development and that our products are essential for a well-functional society.

We always conduct business with high integrity to keep Th. BRUNIUS’ invaluable reputation as a trustworthy company.

We know our customer and business partners. We earn our business in a fair way, competing with our knowledge, expertise and products.

To us this means:

  • We do business in accordance with relevant local laws and regulations
  • We do not participate in or endorse any corrupt practices, including offering or accepting kickbacks, bribes, excessive gifts or hospitality.
  • We do not have business relationships with business partners on applicable sanction lists.
  • We do not participate in or endorse any money laundering activities.
  • We do not agree to issues that constricts free competition.
  • We ensure transparent and correct information in the technical specifications from our suppliers.
  • We work in the best interest of the company and strive to avoid situations where private activities are in conflict with job obligations.
  • We all strive to protect confidential information and we take necessary steps to protect personal information we are entrusted with.

Workplace, health and Safety

We treat colleagues, people representing our business partners and others affected by our business the same way we would like to be treated.

This means:

  • We respect the fundamental Human Rights
  • We treat each other with dignity, respect and compassion. We have a zero tolerance against harassment and discrimination, for example based on ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation.
  • We take responsibility for our own safety and work towards zero accidents or injuries
  • We never compromise with safety during business travel. We work actively to assess risks and take necessary actions to manage risks
  • We promote health and wellbeing

Environmental Care

The forest is the main source of resources for our business but also extremely important for life on earth. Therefore, we strive to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Th. Brunius & Co AB is FSC®– (FSC®C123634) and PEFC-certified (PEFC/05-37-295).
  • We are transparent about the content in the products we sell.
  • We look for business’s that strive to minimize the use of resources such as energy, raw material and water.


Gothenburg, March 2021

Paul Brunius

Nils Engström
Chairman of the Board

Revised March 2023


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