Values we add

  • Logistics
  • Finance, risk management
  • Competent market access
  • Market info
  • Export without fixed costs

A knowledge and understanding of the production processes of both suppliers and customers.

Brunius Trading Concepts – click to read more

  • Strategic
    • Long-term co-operation agreements
    • Standard branded products
    • Suppliers can build up a position on specific markets without an own representation
    • Customers can ensure regular deliveries and have access to branded products
  • Optimisation
    • Standard, branded products with a deviation, for example in widths
    • Suppliers have a long-term demand for trim runs
    • Customers benefit from continuity in deliveries and have access to branded products
  • Tolerance
    • Products that are not up to normal standard
    • Suppliers find a demand for non-standard products
    • Customers get good enough products for specific production needs
  • Temporary
    • Sudden need of increasing sales over a short period of time
    • Surplus inventory
    • Sales on a temporary basis to a global circle of customers