The Process

To underpin our sustainable commitments, we have chosen to describe the process behind.

After identifying the positive necessity of a sustainable commitment, we needed to find tools to initiate the process. Simultaneously we informed all employees about the project, the background, and our ambitions.

Our initial thoughts on what sustainability is for Brunius was greatly enhanced by a person responsible for sustainability in one of Sweden’s largest companies listed on OMX30. The work of formulating the framework could start.

The first steps covered identifying suitable UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as adapting wordings and commitments to the forest industry and the role of a trading house.

Furthermore, a first draft for a Code of Conduct was formulated.
We also screened a substantial number of other companies’ ambitions within the sustainability area.

The next phase involved limiting the number of commitments and sharpen the wording. The ambition was to create a result that is short enough to digest, yet precise enough to be clear. And off course true to what we do and do not.

When step two had developed into a nearly finished product, we involved all employees in the process. The whole company was involved in meetings where we discussed wordings, interpretations, and commitments. Furthermore we screened the entire customer- and supplier base in accordance to what had been formulated. Underlining further a true commitment to how we conduct business and what we do not accept.
These discussions and screening processes gave us the final pieces to conclude the work.

The next step involved the approval and commitment of our Board of Directors.

Before posting our final product on our webpage we sent our Code of Conduct and Sustainability report to several of our largest suppliers. After their feedback the final adjustments were done.

The last step involved informing all agents in each market we serve. Each agent has signed the documents and hence committed to the same as all employees and the Board of Directors.

This step also included sending our Code of Conduct and Sustainability Report to all customers who had sent us theirs, and finally posting on


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